Online Service Estimate

November 21, 2014

Welcome to Elite Renovation & Repair’s Online Service Request! By filling out this simple form and checking the areas of service you are requesting, you will receive priority in scheduling. We look forward to helping solve your motor coach problems and doing our very best to insure that you drive away with peace of mind, knowing that we strive for zero defects in all our work.



Toilet Gasket Replacement

Toilet Base Gasket Replacement (Approx 1-hr)

Toilet Rebuild (Approx 2-hrs)

Toilet Replacement (Starting at 1.5hr to swap with same basic brand)

Toilet Ball Seal Replacement (Approx 1.5-hrs)


Bed Skinning

With Posts (Approx 4.5-hrs)

Without Posts (Approx 2.5-hrs)

King Size Bed Upgrade (Approx 6-hrs)


Bedroom Entertainment Center

With Storage (Approx 12-hrs)

Without Storage  (Approx 10-hrs)

Surround Sound (Approx 2-8 hrs)

Dinning Area

Booth Dinette without storage (Approx 25-hrs)

Booth Dinette with storage (Approx 30-hrs)

Legless Dinette shelves and doors (Approx 12-hrs)

Custom Desk

Basic Storage (Approx 28-hrs)

Custom Shelving & Storage (Approx 30-hrs)

Front Entertainment Center

Basic Front Entertainment Center without storage (Approx 17-hrs)

Basic Front Entertainment Center with storage (Approx 19-hrs)

Custom Surround Sound (Approx 40-hrs)


Corian Polishing (Approx 6-hrs)

Corian Repair (Approx 1-hr)

Corian Top Replacement (Starting at 4-hrs)

Complete Custom Corian Countertops with Customer Choice of Color are Available


Carpet Replacement

Bedroom (Approx 14-hrs)

Living Room (Approx 22-hrs)

Entryway Upgrade

Corian Capped (Approx 6-hrs)

Corian Cap & Sides (Approx 15-hrs)

Corian Cap, Side & Steps (Approx 29-hrs)

Laminate Flooring

Living Room to Bedroom (Approx 14-hrs)

Bedroom to Firewall (Approx 28-hrs)


Bedroom to Firewall (Approx 50-hrs)

Engine Cover to Firewall (Approx 58-hrs)


Fixtures (Approx 1.5-hrs)

Sink Stainless (Approx 2-hrs)

Corian Sink (Approx 4-hrs)

Stovetop (Approx 1-hr)

Microwave Replacement

Microwave Replacement – No Vent (Approx 1-hr)

Microwave Replacement – With Vent (Approx 3-hrs)


Standard Refrigerator Conversion (Approx 12-hrs)

Standard Upkeep & Maintenance (Approx 1-hrs)


Conversion to LED Lighting – Each $15

Mirror Replacement (Approx 2-hrs)

Water Fixtures

Faucet Replacement (Approx 1.5-hrs)

Knife Valve Replacement (Approx 1-hr)

Shower Replacement (Approx 4-hrs)

Shower Resealing (Approx 1.5-hrs)



Shades (Approx .75-hr)

Shade Timing Adjustment (Approx .25-hrs)

Valances – Remove, Build & Reinstall (Approx 2.5-hrs each)




Control Board Replacement (Approx 1-hr)


Electrical System – Inverter System

12-Volt Cutoff Solenoid (Approx .5-hr)

Inspection & Repair (Approx .10-hr)

Replacement (Approx 2-hrs)

Replacement of Big Boy Solenoid (Approx .5-hr)

Replacement of Solenoids (Approx .5-hr)

Upgrade Inverter with Controller (Approx 4-hrs)

Surge Protectors (Approx 2-hrs)

Switch Replacement (Approx .25-hrs)

Furnace Repair/Replacement (Approx 1-hrs)

Pre-Delivery Inspection of Coach (Approx 5.4-hrs)

Thermostat (Approx 1-hr)

Washer & Dryer (Approx 3-hrs)

Water Heater Replacement (Starting at 3-hrs)

Winterizing (Approx 2-hrs)


Hydronic/Aqua Hot Radiator Inspection (Approx .5-hr)

Inspection (Approx .25-hr)

Propane Heater Inspection (Approx .5-hr)

Replacement (Approx .10-hr)

Outside Awnings

Aftermarket Awning Installation (Approx 2.5-hrs)

Fabric Replacement (Approx 2-hrs)

Repair (Approx- 1-hr)

Patio Awning Repair (Approx 1-hr)

Side Toppers (Approx 1-hr)

Three-Point Tie Downs (Approx .25-hr)


Alternator Inspection & Rebuilding (Approx 2-hrs)

Cable Inspection (Approx .25-hr)

Clean and Repair Battery Compartment (Approx 2-hrs)

Replacement of Engine Batteries (Approx .75-hr)

Replacement of House Batteries (Approx 1.5-hr)

Bay Doors

Lock Inspection & Replacement (Approx .5-hr)

Noise Diagnosis & Adjustment(s)-Repair (Approx 1-hr)

Seal Replacement (Approx .25-hr)


Entry Door

Lock Inspection & Replacement (Approx 1.5-hr)

Noise Diagnosis & Adjustment(s)-Repair (Approx 1-hr)

Outside Steps Replacement (Approx 2-3 hrs)

Wipe Seal Replacement (Approx 1-hr)


Inspection (Approx .75-hr)

Pump Replacement (Approx 2-hrs)

Valve Replacement(s) (Approx .5-hr)

Hydronic Heating/Aquahot

Flushing (Approx 4-hrs)

Replacement (Dependent on location in coach, starting at 16-hrs)

Servicing (Approx 2-hrs)

Leveling System

Air System Inspection (Approx 1-hr)

Repair/Replacement of Jacks (Approx 1-hr)


Back-Up, Brake & Turning Lights (Approx .25-hr)

Docking Lights (Approx .25-hr)

Fog Lights (Approx .75-hr)

Handle Light (Approx 1-hr)

Headlights (Approx 1.5-hr)

Patio Lights (Approx .25-hr)

Running Lights (Approx .25-hr)

Spotlight (Approx .5-hr)


Adjustment (Approx .5-hr)

Replacement (Approx 3-hrs)

Roof – A/C and Heating Units

Add Rooftop Drip Cups (Approx 2-hrs)

Replacement of Rooftop Gaskets (Approx 1.5-hrs)

Replacement of Unit (Approx 1.5-hrS)


Circulation Fans (Approx 1.5-hrs)

Peel, Strip & Seal (Approx 6-hrs)

Refrigerator Vent Replacement (Approx .25-hr)

Seal Inspection (Approx 5-hrs)

Slide-Outs – Front, Bedroom, Galley

Adjustment (Starting at 1-hr per slide)

Build Out Slide-Out Floor (Approx 4-hrs)

Box Peel & Reseal (Approx 3-hrs)

Flush Floor Slide Skis Installed (Flat Rate $495 Installed)

Flush Floor Tube Roller Replacement (Approx 11-hrs)

Roller Adjustment (Approx .5-hr)

Wipe Seal Replacement (Approx 3-hrs)

Water System

Filtration (Approx .25-hr)

Sewage Flush Valves (Approx 1-hr)

Sewage Valves (Approx 1-hr)

Water Lines (Starting at 1-hr)

Water Pump (Approx 1-hr)


Defog (Sublet)

Replacement (Starting at 1-hr)

Reseal (Approx .5-hr)